Kelsey M. - 10/29/17 - I'm shocked and delighted that this store is basically in my backyard! Sandy is very knowledgeable and great to talk with! She has an AMAZING selection of rocks, gems, minerals, and more! And it's great that when you take stuff to the register to purchase, she puts each thing in it's own baggie with the name and description of the rock so you'll have it at home! Now that we've found this place we will definitely be going back!

Morgan C - 7/10/17 - Absolutely wonderful shop! The owner is so knowledgeable of all the items offered. I always learn something new about crystals or a new way to use them! You're sure to find something for everyone at a great price and can guarantee it will be wrapped securely for your trip home!

Colleen H - 4/15/17  - I love Sandy and everything in her shop. Her knowledge is outstanding and so appreciated. I enjoy everything she carries and the classes she provides. And along the right wall 3/4 of the way back you will find my guided imagery meditation CD's (yes flagrant self promotion!!). You will love everything you take home from Nature's Treasures and each crystal will bring a vibration of joy and healing into your life. Thank you Sandy for creating, maintaining and continually adding to this sacred life we lead.

Marta P - 4/6/17 - I love this place. Great shopping for your crystals . Cozy decor makes you want to come back often. Great place to stop by on your way to Galena. Very warm welcome and knowledgeable owner makes me want to stay there for hours :).